Recent Client Letters

Below are a handful of recent letters to our clients.

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2017 Annual Letter

  • The Pivotal Year of 1959, and the Era of Irrational Exuberance It Spawned
  • A View of Yet Another Asset Bubble
  • Investing for a Post-Bubble Market Environment

April 2016 Client Letter

  • Benjamin Graham, Simplicity and Potential Returns in Today’s Over-Valued Market
  • An Update on Precious Metals and the Volatility We Expect

2016 Annual Letter

  • What the 1940s May Teach Us About the Decade Ahead
  • Summary of Equity, Commodity and Bond Markets
  • Reflections on This Market Cycle and Our Portfolios

March 2015 Client Letter

  • Warren Buffett’s 50th Anniversary Letter to Shareholders
  • How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor
  • Observations on Current Corporate Buybacks from a Buffett/Graham Point of View

2015 Annual Letter

  • A Brief Sojourn to Paris, 1715
  • A Rhyme of History, Only This Time It’s Global
  • On Economic Cycles, Valuations and the Current State of the Markets
  • Our Portfolios
  • Expectations for the Years Ahead


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